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Remote Support

We can provide the online maintenance of client systems worldwide. We use the TeamViewer remote control software to service your PC system for the operation of LPKF machines.

The program is free of charge, an installation is not necessary.

Start the TeamViewer program, contact our customer support and give him the displayed partner ID and password.

Note: You agree with the use of TeamViewer that a member of the LPKF Laser & Electronics SE Support Team can see your screen content and take over control of the mouse and the keyboard. You can naturally regain control at any time, and stop and restart the monitor screen transmission at any time.


Web upload service to share files with the LPKF service & support teams.

Data privacy in Filesharing

Privacy guaranteed - Compliant with Data Protection LawLPKF uses the software TeamBeam to upload files. Only employees of the LPKF support team have access to the uploaded data.
More Information about TeamBeam data privacy

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