Production of Step Down Stencils with the StencilLasers G 6080 & P 6060

Production of Step Down Stencils

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Documenttype: Techpaper
Date: 01/Apr/2013

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Create step-down sinks with the aid of laser radiation

Step stencils are used in order to exactly adjust the solder paste volume to suit the variously sized connections. A step stencil is a special SMD stencil in which local recesses (step down) or swellings (step up) are inserted. This allows the mounting of a circuit board with semiconductor components having little pitch or with rugged connection components in one work step.

One of the ways to produce step-down stencils is through deep etching. The subsequent laser cutting process cuts the apertures into the material. Other production processes include milling (step-down), the additive technique and electrogalvanic build-up for step-up stencils.

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