Fabrication of a PCB-embedded Half-bridge Module

Fabrication of a PCB-embedded Half-bridge Module

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Documenttype: Application report
Date: 07/Apr/2021

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Prototyping with LPKF ProtoMat S104 and ProtoLaser U4

The embedding of power semiconductor components in printed circuit boards has been researched for several years. Compared to conventional methods, in which the semiconductors are soldered in the package onto a printed circuit board that serves only as a circuit carrier, embedding power semiconductors (such as MOSFET or IGBT) offers many advantages.

The application report by members of the Kempten University of Applied Sciences show that this technology can be used for more than just high-volume applications. Prototyping of multilayer PCBs with embedded power semiconductors: A demonstrator PCB is designed, manufactured and tested with an embedded MOSFET half-bridge.

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