Fast Prototyping of flexible PCBs using LPKF ProtoLaser

Fast Prototyping of flexible PCBs

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Documenttype: Techpaper
Date: 17/Jun/2021

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A comparison of different materials and systems

For decades, flexible printed circuit boards have been the solution par excellence for connections that need to be movable, that require little space or weight, or that require a fast data connection. As a rule, they only have the passive function of transmitting signals - they replace cables. They are often found in keyboards, where they are parts of switches, and contain electronic components for signal transmission.

Flexible PCBs are often combined with one or two rigid PCBs, as so-called rigid-flexible PCBs. In this case, the flexible PCB connects the rigid PCBs directly to each other without connectors. They thus eliminate problems caused by connectors during high-speed data transmission. Other current applications include LED lighting, PC, cellular and IoT antennas, 5G network applications, various sensors such as motion controllers or drug delivery sensors. They are also essential in wearables, medical devices, and numerous applications for the rapidly growing electric vehicle market.

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