Solar Car Project of the Bochum University of Applied Sciences Utilizes LPKF Circuit Board Plotter


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Documenttype: Case Study
Date: 27/Sep/2013

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Students develop Prototype PCBs with structures with up to 100 μm

For over a decade now the Bochum University of Applied Sciences’ Solar Car Project has been conceiving, design-ing and manufacturing solar vehicles.

When developing highly precise electrical systems, prototype PCBs are critical. The students rely on production of circuit board prototypes for the “PowerCore SunCruiser,” the fifth model from the school. This is important, particularly for checking the circuits. Their PCB prototypes feature ultra-fine structures with up to 100 μm.

To learn more about how the Bochum University utilizes milling and drilling technoloy and chemical-free through-hole plating to build precise PCB prototypes please register to download your cost-free copy and get library access.

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