Fast Prototyping of flexible PCBs using LPKF ProtoLaser

Prototyping of flexible PCBs using LPKF ProtoLaser

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Documenttype: Application report
Date: 12/Mar/2018

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ProtoLaser for every material

Flexible printed circuit boards have been the solution for connections that need to be movable, that require little space and/or weight, or that require a fast data connection. They usually have only the passive function of transmitting signals. They replace cables and are often found as a part of switches in keyboards, in LED lighting, PC and mobile antennas, various sensors such as motion controls or drug delivery sensors and in wearables.

Flexible PCBs - typically based on a thin polyimide (PI) film - are multifunctional and can be produced as a single, double or multilayer with plated through holes and surface treatment similar to rigid circuit boards. LPKF ProtoLasers play a key role in the prototyping of flexible PCBs. LPKF has carried out various tests to determine which laser system is best suited for which material application.

Learn more about the processing results of the various LPKF ProtoLaser systems on some material examples and register now for a free download of this application report.

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