Refurbishing an Old Lamp with the LPKF ProtoMat E44

Ancient lamp - Refurbished with LPKF ProtoMat E44

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Documenttype: Application report
Date: 26/Jun/2018

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Ancient lamp - made new

ELAB is an electronics laboratory for students of Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Aachen. In the ELAB, the students have many high-quality measuring devices, tools, a 3D printer and the LPKF ProtoMat E44 circuit board plotter at their disposal.

Recently, the students equipped an old train conductors lamp with the latest technology. The ProtoMat E44 has successfully contributed to one of the main components of the revised lamp: The new circuit board, which contains various additional functions, was created with the circuit board plotter.

The original bulb itself was replaced with a LED and the battery with a lithium-ion battery that can be charged either via a micro-USB socket or via the solar module mounted on the back.

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