Designing an Antenna for Space to Earth Communication

Antenna for fast space to earth communication

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Documenttype: Application report
Date: 27/Jun/2018

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PCB prototyping with LPKF ProtoLaser S

A few years ago, the University of Washington launched a CubeSat project, where undergraduate and graduate students work on small satellites to explore the moon and asteroids.

Within the project for the development of a 6 U cube satellite it was decided to use the K/Ka-band with deployable reflect arrays for the communication module. The main parts of the communication module are: standard SDR (Software Defined Radio), upconverter, power amplifier, feed antenna and reflect array.

The challenge of fast RF boards production was solved by using a LPKF ProtoLaser S for the development of prototypes directly from CAD data to the finished product.

Learn more about the typical development steps of PCB prototyping with the laser system LPKF ProtoLaser S for a complex RF application and register to download a free copy and get library access.

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