Inhouse-PBC Prototyping at Shippensburg University

Inhouse-PBC Prototyping at Shippensburg University

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Documenttype: Application report
Date: 13/Sep/2018

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Developing Projects and Enhance Students´ Experience

Shippensburg University is a public, comprehensive liberal-arts university with about 7,000 students in the US state of Pennsylvania. In response to the feedback from industrial partners, the engineering programs feature a balance of traditional engineering lectures and real-word experiences that inspires students to learn and build confidence for becoming professional engineers.

The Engineering Department created a fabrication lab in 2012 focusing programs on electronic design and fabrication. LPKF prototyping equipment was chosen for reasons of reliability, cost, and environmental safety. The department uses the ProtoMat S63, MiniCon-tac RS, ProtoFlow S, ProtoPrint S, and ProtoPlace S.

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