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Documenttype: Application report
Date: 15/Sep/2019

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Production of RF wideband antenna using the LPKF ProtoLaser ST

The RF market is developing faster than ever. Wireless communication is present everywhere - home, office, factory and vehicle, with new applications developing at high speed.

Without wiring and bulky connectors, miniaturization and simplicity are easier to achieve with new designs. Making this possible and inexpensive, RF antennas and circuitry are often moved to the printed circuit board (PCB). Hence, fast prototyping is essential to prove circuit layouts and quickly release these new products to the market.

Using the tabletop system LPKF ProtoLaser ST, a wideband antenna measuring 60 mm × 60 mm with substrate thicknesses of 510, 410 and 254 μm was produced with Rogers RO3003, RO4003 and RT5880. The quality of the processing and the processing time were then evaluated.

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