Producing double-sided through-hole plated RF antenna

Producing double-sided through-hole plated RF antenna

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Documenttype: Techpaper
Date: 16/Sep/2019

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Handling Rogers RO4700 material with LPKF systems

Processing PCBs with the chemical free LPKF milling process has more than 40 years of tradition. Since the single-sided board was state-of-the art and the major PCB application, milling has been able to replace the wet etching process by 100%. As PCB boards these days are rarely limited to just one layer, chemicals must be involved to connect multiple layers.

The challenge with multilayer printed circuit boards and sensitive materials is through-hole plating, THP. The galvanic THP process involves several preprocess baths and final electroplating in an electrolyte solution. All baths are chemical solutions - which means that special care and regulations must be respected. A professional system allows for in-house laboratory solution: The LPKF Contac S4 is perfectly suited for through-hole plating of PCBs which are being produced in combination with a LPKF ProtoMat or ProtoLaser. A large variety of substrate materials may be processed with these systems.

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