Ultra-short pulse laser for gentle material processing

Ultra-short pulse laser for gentle material processing

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Documenttype: Techpaper
Date: 16/Dec/2019

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Fast, accurate results with LPKF UKP systems

Bringing high energy to a small surface is the principle of laser processing. The wavelength of the laser and the duration of the energy input play a role in the effect. A continuous wave (CW) laser beam transmits the laser energy without interruptions. However, the energy input per area is comparatively low.

In the case of a pulsed beam, the laser energy is totalled for a moment and then emitted in a short pulse. Peak powers of individual pulses can be achieved by focussing spatially on a small area and by an extremely short pulse duration. For many materials and applications, material processing with ultra-short laser pulses has advantages for material properties, yield and efficiency.

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