High Precise Welding of Transparent Polymers

High precise welding of transparent polymers

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Documenttype: Techpaper
Date: 15/Jul/2016

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Laser Manufacturing Conference 2015 - High Precise Welding of Transparent Polymers

Thanks to the reliability of welding results, laser plastic welding has established itself as the technical standard for mass production. With its new methods, LPKF targets the field of demanding medical applications and addresses researchers and developers with high demands on the joining process.

So-called bioMEMS systems (bio-microelectromechanical systems) or miniature laboratories (lab-on-a-chip) are often based on complex systems with channel cross sections in the micrometer range. They serve as a quick analysis in the context of food safety and clinical diagnostics, chemical synthesis or biological research.

By combining the welding properties of transparent plastics showing a laser wavelength of 2 μm with a high-precision mechanical and optical positioning system, LPKF PrecisionWeld, an effective method for prototyping and mass production of microfluidic components is offered.

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